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From a very early age, I always took pride in my own hair, nails and skin. When I was raising my six wonderful kids, five of them girls, I had so much pride in the way they looked . I would cut all their hair and always send them off to school with tidy ponytails or neat plaits of all designs and of course clean finger nails too.  As the girls grew up we spent time painting nails together.  I suppose you could say that we all have an artistic flare and that became evident in their chosen career paths. And so, when they'd all grown up, I decided that I wanted to take my nail hobby up professionally.


I have competed a number of courses that include gel extensions and dip powder applications such as Dip and Buff,  SNS and most recently Kiara Sky. I do like to keep 'on trend' so I'm sure there will be other courses to follow.

I believe that we should all take care of our bodies as it's the only one we've got; I therefore think very carefully about what I put into it and what I put onto it.  I also have a great regard for our environment and the planet on which we all live, so bearing that in mind,  I am always researching for products that are ecologically friendly, animal cruelty free, paraben and sls free, and Vegan.

I welcome you to my salon where I provide a friendly, relaxed, and comfortable service, along with a beverage and a chat.

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